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motto... yonde miso!

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song translations -- 1 (Taka) Oct. 21st, 2005 @ 04:53 pm
Just another song from Taka's album; not ghei like the last one (XD) but sweet.

Ano Basho MadeCollapse )
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song translation -- 1 (Taka/Fuji) Oct. 21st, 2005 @ 12:21 pm
I'm sure you're going to see tons of translations for this going around, but I really wanted to translate it myself, so here goes. ^_^ Taka's album was really excellent, but this song I think is particularly special, for, um, well. You'll see.

Nagisa no INVITATIONCollapse )

The above, slightly changed around and color-coded by singer, just for fun.Collapse )
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song translation -- 1 (Tezuka) Oct. 7th, 2005 @ 12:33 pm
Happy birthday, Tezuka.

Dakishimete Shimaisou SaCollapse )
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song translation -- 1 (Sanada) Sep. 16th, 2005 @ 12:20 pm
Hi! It's been a while. I'm really sorry -- after I made that last post, school suddenly started to destroy my soul, so I've been pretty MIA here. I think things have calmed down, so I'll probably start right back up now. ^_^ I've been wanting to translate this since the second I heard it was being released, so here's Sanada's new single. Dedicated to than, because TE AMOOO.

KEEP GOING ON!Collapse )
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announcement! translation requests, etc. Jun. 18th, 2005 @ 04:53 pm
First off, thanks to everybody who has this journal friended. It means a lot to me that you guys enjoy my translations (unless you're actually here for the fics, in which case I'm SO SORRY I'm such a ridiculously slow writer, but thank you so much all the same!) I want to make a couple of announcements, if that's all right.

First, please note that I've been working on both the Memories section and tagging each entry, so hopefully things will be easier to find. I plan on further organizing both the Memories and the tags, but for now, I hope this comes in handy. For example, if you're only interested in finding duets, you can click the duet tag and read all about boys in love with other boys. Isn't life grand?

Second, and I might regret doing this, but, hey, why not... song translation requests are now open. There's nothing in particular I want to work on most right now, so hopefully I can see where the demand is and work from there. :) However, I do have a few rules, so hear me out if you're interested?

1) Offer, at the moment, is open only to people with this journal friended as of this update. I just checked. You can't fool me. ;) If there's not too much of a demand or if you really absolutely need to know what's being said in a particular song, I'll think about it, but I'll let you know how things are going when the time comes.

2) I'll probably do them in a random order, so if you're first to request something but I end up doing it after a few others, sorry. :\ As I'm sure the nature of this place has more than demonstrated, I tend to work with my own biases first and foremost, so please forgive me. XD

3) Close friends get first dibs. You all should know who you are, although why you'd feel the need to wait for a post to ask is beyond me...

4) One song per person until I get a rhythm built up. Then we'll see. XD

Thank you! Go wild! Sorry if I sound odd, I'm just really tired. ♥ Later!
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Other entries
» song translation -- 1 (Inui)
I am very stupidly obsessed with this song. This is Inui and Renji's duet from Inui's new album, e=mc2, which has, along with this, a song called pi where Inui, er, recites the number pi for seven minutes. Yeah. I want to know where I can get my hands on some of the crack the producers are smoking, I swear to God. Anyway, here you go! (Dat-chan, as always, you're free to use. ^_^)

Te No Naka Ni Sekai Wo Tsutsumu Michi Futatsu Kousa Suru UtaCollapse )
» song translation -- 1 (Eiji)
Hee, and to think that this was originally intended to be my fic journal. 8D (Fics, what fics? Exactly.)

Anyway, here's another translation from Eiji's album. Nothing about toothpaste in this one, sorry to disappoint. ^_~

(I really ought to get a Golden Pair icon for this journal, for real.)

Also, I just went through and tried to add all of my posts from this journal, along with a few old translations from my not-fic/translation journal (caffeineaddict) to the Memories section. I tried to catch everything; be warned that duets are only under lead singer, since I didn't have the energy to quite work around LJ's stupid archiving system. I'm sure I'm missing a few from caffeineaddict, but those will be added shortly. Enjoy! 8D

» song translation -- 1 (Eiji)

Italics indicate English lyrics in the source.

my loverCollapse )
» song translation -- 1 (Eiji)
I figured I'd start the day with one -- hopefully more later. ♥ I'll probably edit this a little when I'm more awake, but here goes nothing for now!

Shichigatsu no Ame ~is this love?~Collapse )
» song translation -- 1 (Eiji/Oishi)
Here's my quickly done translation of the Golden Pair's new duet, Happy goody. Since she'll kill me in my sleep if I don't mention it, thanks go to chocolate_chip for, er, telling me her translation of the first line so many times I ended up being unable to use anything but it. XD And for her general help. ♥ And many thanks go to lexarose for providing me with lyrics/song/omg! (Lexi's omgs are amazing. XD)

Happy goodyCollapse )
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